Let's make Home ownership a Reality!

We want to help people that are locked out of the housing market to achieve their dream of owning their own home today.

We match profiles & connect prospective home-buyers with co-owners.

The home-buyer needs help with the downpayment for their new home.
The co-owner pays the downpayment, and in turn, receives equity in the property.

First-time buyers can hop onto the property ladder now, without saving!

Achieve your dream of owning your own home today!

Inaccessible housing market


When it comes to the Swedish housing market, it’s fair to say we have a huge societal problem. Soaring property prices, high interest rates and loan ceilings have left a whole generation without any hope of owning their own home.
It hinders peoples’ ability to obtain freedom and independence.


Today your success in accessing the property market is determined by the wealth of your parents or immediate family, creating housing inequality.
What about those who don’t have that possibility? Should a whole generation be left behind?  

We want to
connect people

People who want to buy and those who want to invest - related or not

Home Buyer
Rich Uncle Matching Platform
& legal framework

What's in it for you?

Home buyer

  • Owning 80% of something is better than owning 100% of nothing

  • A lower mortgage means easier monthly payments

  • Buy today and invest in your future

  • Hop off the rental merry-go-round

  • Individual freedom


  • Earn 33% ROI immediately

  • Be the catalyst for a new social movement

  • Help someone gain independence

  • Your investment will promote demand in market, pushing up the value of your portfolio

  • Water-tight contracting​

A good investment,
legally secure
and a good deed